JANKEN Match Rules

JANKEN Matches take place using one card each of Rock, Paper, and Scissors of your cards, plus an additional Tactic Card. Tactic Cards are randomly selected before the Match begins. Your Tactic Card will not be the same as your opponents’ Tactic Card.
1 game of JANKEN is called a Round. 1 Set contains 3 Rounds.
The game is played by players choosing one card at a time from their hand. Cards used in around cannot be used again for the remainder of the Set.
This is done 3 times until the player with more victories is declared the winner of the Set.
The Match winner is the player with the highest number of Sets won.
If the Set winner cannot be decided by the number of victories, a tie-breaker round will begin. Tie-breaker rounds are played with only 3 cards. (Rock, Paper, and Scissors). If the tie-breaker is a draw, the round will be played again with 3 cards until a winner is decided.