About MOOI Network

MOOI Network developed by POST VOYAGER
We needed an environment where we could implement blockchain technology yet deliver our service seamlessly so that users don't have to have a deep understanding of blockchain. We needed a user-friendly network that allows users to enjoy services just like the existing mobile platform environment to use the blockchain service without difficulty.
MOOI Metaverse

MOOI Metaverse

MOOI Network is a blockchain network devised and developed by POST VOYAGER, a subsidiary blockchain technology company of Cocone. POST VOYAGER has been participating as a governance council member (node operator) of Klaytn Network, one of Asia's largest blockchain networks. POST VOYAGER has obtained a wide range of experiences and technologies across the blockchain industry while actively participating in the Klaytn ecosystem for three years. Our team has contemplated how to incorporate blockchain technology into our digital items and found MOOI Network to be the optimized blockchain network for us.High Speed & Low Transaction FeeUser-Friendly & Seamless UX/UIMOOI Network makes blockchain technology more seamless and easier to use, so we are confident that the MOOI Network will provide a more satisfying user experience to JANKEN players.
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