Official JANKEN cocone entertainment Whitepaper, last updated December 2023
The easiest and most enjoyable Play and Earn game for everyone all over the world. That is the JANKEN Project’s mission.
We have created a blockchain-based game that creates an entirely new experience, unseen before in blockchain gaming.
Players who can earn from video games have remained a very small segment until now. The brand new concept of Play to Earn through blockchain games has given many more people the chance to earn through play.
However, current Play to Earn games may require a lot of upfront investment, or the games themselves are overly difficult. To say that the world is used to them and ready to enjoy them more is simply not true.
That is why we have established the concept of ‘Free to Play and Earn’, to spread the word that you can earn through playing games. That is why we started the JANKEN Project, as something simple that anyone can easily enjoy.
We will be delivering a simple game that is played every day all over the world through the MOOI Network, provided by Post Voyager, as a blockchain game.
We have created something with a rich depth, to make this not just a simple game of earning tokens by winning and losing. This game can be enjoyed through the various and unique designs of the cards, the sounds and music heard through the app, and the motions of each match that heighten your experience and add excitement.
Through the intuitive, casual, and fun JANKEN, we hope to create a worldwide community. Please look forward to JANKEN, a game that can be easily enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, gender, or origin.